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Mr. Charles Reed

 Emergency Service Dispatcher-City of Chicago

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Mr. Bernard Sutton
Assistant Instructor

City of Chicago Firefighter 13 years.

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Ms. Daysha Reed
Assistant Instructor

Owner's Motivated Teenage Daughter.

Mr. Charles Reed, Owner - BIO

I’m a current emergency services dispatcher for the Chicago Fire Department. I was a member of the US Air Force from 1999-2011. I’ve been stationed in areas such as S. Korea, Guam, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia.
I have worked in the medical field as an EMT for over 15 years. The majority of that time was spent with the United States Air Force as a non-commissioned officer with the job titles of EMT and firefighter, handling countless emergencies. I am a current Lead EMS Instructor and a Emergency Services Dispatcher for the City of Chicago.

My credentials, related work experience & professional affiliations include the following:

* IFSAC (International Fire Service Accreditation Congress)
* Airport Firefighter
* Driver/Engineer (Airport rescue firefighting)
* Driver/Engineer (Mobile Water Supply)
* Driver/Engineer ( Structural Apparatus)
* Fire Inspector I
* Fire Instructor I
* Fire Officer I
* Firefighter II
* HazMat Operations
* Public Telecommunicator II
* State of Illinois Emergency Medical Technician
* Lead EMS Instructor
* Emergency Telecommunicator
* AHA (American Heart Association
* BLS Instructor 

My Business, 2nd City CPR & Safety Training teaches Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) to various schools, churches, healthcare providers, and especially children in Afro-American areas. Provide a high quality, extremely effective, and uniquely modern CPR training to African-American communities. This business is unique due to my experience with emergency medical care. I plan to provide Health Care Provider CPR to hospital personnel, as well as CPR training for daycare workers, security personnel and other professions requiring these unique training services. I plan to provide this exclusive training experience by focusing on the common issues and situations to the group of people being trained. For example, in the Chicago’s Englewood community my training would involve CPR and First Aid specifically for possible gunshot victims. In the South Shore community I will make it a point to cover drowning emergencies due to Lake Michigan in the community

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2nd City CPR & Safety Training Classes are held at the New Covenant Coptic Temple located at 9306 S. Halsted Street in Chicago, Illinois 60620.
Class offerings are posted on this website and will announced on our facebook page. In addition to the scheduled classes held here, 2nd City CPR & Safety Training will conduct trainings at business building, churches and other locations for sepcial groups. We encourage churches and all organizations to learn thses lifesaving skills.  Our communities need trained first-responders. First responders save lives.

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