CPR Classes in Chicago

CPR saves lives, and the life that you saved may be that of a loved one. That’s why CPR Associates, Inc maintains its excellence as an approved training Center of the American Heart Association committed to provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training and education in Greater Chicago area and surrounding counties. 

In an effort to increase public awareness of its urgent need to learn proactive hands-on life-saving resuscitative skills administration, by spontaneous confident delivery at saving peoples’ lives in life-threatening emergency situations and trauma, and in close partnership with the American Heart Association, responsive to their guidelines at saving peoples’ lives…

CPR Associates, Inc has been the top CPR Training Center in Chicagoland because of our world-class AHA BLS instructors, latest information, & quality instruction over the past 31 years (let our testimonials speak for us why we’re on top when it comes to CPR Chicago, check below). 

CPR Classes Chicago You Need

BLS (Basic Life Support) is interchangeably used with CPR, so this can be a bit confusing. But, to get BLS Certification Chicago, you have to undergo training that has step-by-step and simulated rescue skills through chest compression and breathing techniques. Certification cards for “aha bls certification” or “aha cpr classes near me” are issued on the same day from the American Heart Association. 

For BLS New (first-time) or Expired Cards, go to this link.

ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support) course is built on the knowledge of the participants in Basic Life Support (BLS) for healthcare providers. To provide you with ACLS Certification Chicago, we offer advanced “acls certification chicago near me” coursewhere or  its core elements highlights on team dynamics and communication, systems of care and immediate post – cardiac arrest scenarios.​

For ACLS Chicago New (first-time) or Expired Cards, go to this link.

PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) course is designed for Pediatric Healthcare providers utilizing a series of simulated pediatric emergencies.To provide you with PALS Certification Chicago, the goal of the “infant cpr class near me” course is to improve outcomes in pediatric emergencies in pediatric settings by providing proper training to healthcare practitioners who are looking for “pals certification near me”. 

For PALS New (first-time) or Expired Cards, go to this link. 

CPR Associates, Inc courses cover basic Adult First Aid Classes Chicago and helps prepare for basic first aid in a medical emergency, injury emergency and environmental emergency.  You may find some Free CPR Classes in Chicago & Free First Aid Training, but most of those “free cpr courses near me” may not be an approved AHA certification or aha bls classes provider . 

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*We also offer these other related classes: ACLS EP, PEARS, NRP, Basic EKG,  BBP, 12 Lead EKG, IV TherapyPCCN, CVAD, CMC, CSC, 
CEN, CCRN, IABP, NCLEX, Med-Surg, Pacemaker and more. To see the complete list and information of the CNA programs in Chicago, CNA Classes Chicago, or more Chicago CPR courses, go to this LINK.

​*Special Offer: STOP the Bleed Course (FREE Class)

Bleeding is the number 1 cause of preventable death after injury. Getting trained on how to stop the bleeding in 3 quick ways will save a life. This is the reason why we make the “Stop the Bleeding Course” FREE for our special students like you. 
With the help our professional instructors, you will get the chance to learn the bleeding control techniques for FREE. 

What You Will Learn During a CPR Class

CPR Associates Inc. makes the certification process simple by teaching you ways to recognize and care for various cardiac emergencies until advanced medical practitioners arrive. CPR and AED (automated external defibrillator) are training courses that will help you respond effectively when emergencies arise. 

With our OSHA-compliant CPR certification course and as an American Heart Association approved training center, here is what you will learn from our Chicago CPR training classes: 

  • perform proper cardiopulmonary resuscitation on adults
  • learn how to perform CPR  on children and infants
  • chest compressions and rescue breathing
  • identify symptoms
  • and more…

You will not only learn those skills, but you’ll also:

  • gain the opportunity to receive one-on-one instruction
  • participate in small class settings
  • practice skills on real mannequins
  • perfect techniques addressed in class​ ​

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Healthcare Professionals

(Nurses, EMS, Doctors, and more)

The completion of card for your job is required as healthcare professions.  The courses in CPR Associates, Inc that we’ll provide you are intended to help get your  CPR Certification Chicago which includes training on Basic or Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support, CPR and AED, Stroke Training and more. Kindly contact your employer to ensure that you are selecting the correct course required in your job before you searching for “cpr near me” or “cpr renewal near me” courses. 

General Public

(Workforce: Childcare, Health & Fitness, Construction, Hospitality, and more)

The CPR course completion for your job is one of OSHA’s safety regulation requirements as an employer responsible for safety and health policies depending on your industry. We provide courses that will help you prepare for any emergency in your setting. Kindly contact your employer to ensure that you are selecting the correct course required in your job. 

General Community

(Family, Friends, Adult, Child and more)

The courses that we’ll provide you are intended to help you learn and perform CPR the proper way. Though, CPR course completion card is not required in meeting your job requirements, and others may think that this kind of training should just be a free CPR Certification Chicago, we don’t actually offer it for free. Our Chicago CPR class and training will help you to act in the event of a cardiac emergency and improve a person’s chance of survival in your home, workplace, or just in park. 

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