Meet Our Team


Charles Reed


Mr. Reed has over 20 years of Emergency Services Experience beginning in the US Air Force as a Fire Protection specialist. He is an active Fire Fighter/ Paramedic and is responsible for the overall guidance of all business operations. His experience helped create the vision for 2nd City CPR & Safety Training.


Katrina Reed

Chief Administrative Officer

Mrs. Reed and her staff ensure all paper and electronic files are complete and accurate. Mrs. Reed background in emergency services includes dispatching police related incidents in the 3rd largest city in America. Her department dispatched over 1 million calls for service last year.

Martice Ford

Martice Ford

Chief Consultant

Mr. Ford is a retired Fire/EMS chief with over 30 years of experience in the profession. His duties include but not limited to ensuring the best possible training is provided to our clients. He shares his knowledge with instructors and monitors their progress. He also monitors advancements in technology in the EMS field and offers recommendations for the business' growth.


William McDade

Chief Instructor

Mr. McDade has over 20 years of Emergency Services experience. Mr. McDade spearheads the EMT program and is responsible for the program's overall success. He ensures the EMT students have the training, resources and skills needed to be competent in the field.